Growth as a south Florida Based company

If you’ve been living above a rock for the past couple of year, you would have heard about having a “growth mindset”. Think back to when you first picked up your bicycle after taking off your training wheels. You had to learn how to fall a few times before gaining enough balance to scream victory to your friends or siblings in the vicinity.

Growth for

As the President and CEO, I knew it was necessary for me to focus on growth as a South Florida based company. Earlier this year, I was implementing some rebranding strategies to get my firm in front of new prospective clients but nothing was coming together smoothly. Fast forward to the summer of 2019, I realized something had to give. While networking at Venture Cafe Miami’s Thursday Gathering event, I ran into the coordinator of Scale Up Miami and knew this was my wake up call to act on this program.

About Scale Up Miami

Scale Up Miami is a program put together by Miami Dade College’s The Idea Center and sponsored by TD Bank’s TD Charitable Foundation. The program has provided Miami entrepreneurs access to learning materials, resources and advisors who specialize in (marketing, finance, accounting) and more to help them scale their businesses. The great thing is that their 10 week program is free. First, you must apply, interview with the coordinator and their peer review team. Lastly, once your company is accepted, you’re on your way to increased growth opportunities. No worries, you won’t have to study for the interview. Regardless, make sure you’re passionate about growth and learning for your business.

Our goal while participating in Scale Up Miami

Our goal with participating in this program would be broken down into three parts. First, reach new targeted customers, revamp our marketing efforts and of course grow our Miami network. If you love growing; I definitely recommend applying to this program here in Miami. Some of my clients who may read this are all over the country. There are programs similar to this in your neighborhood, just Google “small business training”. Having a growth mindset as a founder, budding entrepreneur and student is necessary if you want to see improved results. Stay tuned for our next post on participating in the Scale Up Miami program.

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