The Firm

Our Why

The team is spread across the United States so that we are able to address business needs on the East coast.

The Future of our firm

We will be adding digital products so that we can reach many types of entrepreneurs and business owners.

Our Story

  • 2010



    We were founded in Miami, Florida.

  • 2012

    First Clients

    Added Hospitality & Tourism Services. We began working with small to large multinational hotels. In addition to hotels, we focused on restaurants with more than one location.



  • 2014


    South Florida Expansion

    Expanded to Fort Lauderdale/Broward county area.

  • 2015

    West Florida Expansion

    Expanded to Tampa/St. Petersburg metropolitan area. Their growing startup business environment was ripe for our services.



  • 2016


    Added New Services

    Central Florida Expansion
    Expanded to Orlando/Orange county area. This market had a significant amount of foreign activity which prompted more focus on the region.

  • 2017

    North Florida Expansion

    Expanded our client offerings to the Jacksonville and North Florida market. Where there are many ex-military entrepreneurs who are starting businesses.



  • 2018


    Added Payroll processing services

    Added payroll services for our clients. This provided us with the ability to provide a streamlined experience for small business owners.

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